how we work

by hand
with brain
and maschines

Project management

We take over the project management or support your project management from start to finish.

We are convinced of an agile approach. Specify less, but be in constant contact with you as a customer in order to be able to quickly adapt the requirements.

However, we also believe that it should only be rolled out after extensive tests. We are therefore critical of a continuous DevOps.

Open standards, open source products

We consistently rely on open standards and open source products. In the complex digital world, this is the best guarantee for sustainable and independent solutions.

A list of recommended office applications can be found here.


We like to have an open communication and fair dealings with each other.

We are aware of our social and ecological responsibility. We strive to implement this in our actions.

Costs and conditions (ToS) #

You can find our current costs and conditions here (pdf).

Feel free to contact us.

We look forward to you.

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