maintaining or increasing the orderly condition is time-consuming

Organizational development

We help you to design your organization according to your information needs.

BPM business process management

Business process management is the basis for a systematic information management.

More about BPM here.

Taxonomy development

We support you in the development of a keyword catalog, a thesaurus, a process map, a process-oriented classification system or an ontology.

Information Lifecycle Management / Information Governance

Looking at information across the entire life cycle helps you to have your information capital under control and to be able to meet your compliance requirements. We support you, starting with the conception of the information architecture, the creation, the using, the storing and the securely disposing processes of the data.

Records Management

Business, knowledge and / or historical relevant data must be kept for different lengths of time.

We accompany you in the introduction of modern file management in your organization. From the pre-analysis, we give you recommendations about the scope and the procedure. We support your project management in a technical, but above all in a methodical (project management, change management) direction.

You can find out more about modern file management / records management here.

Compliance Lösungen

„If you think compliance is expensive, try non-compliance“ (Paul McNulty)

Depending on the industry sectors, different legal requirements have to be met for the information management. We support you in building your compliance solution.

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