cave paintings are still legible 30,000 years later.

Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology is the value exchange future! Also for data and information. At the moment, however, it is mostly speculative hype with the new cryptocurrencies emerging almost daily. Stay tuned with us.

Data migration

We support you in migrating your data from one system to another. Data migrations are exciting (many systems involved), but also challenging (mapping, encoding, organizational, ...). We solve this using automated procedures, which we can improve iteratively to your satisfaction.

Search engines

Most search queries only search for one search term and only the first page of the search result is taken into account. We show you how you can improve your search query or how your website achieves a better ranking in the search engines (SEO = Search Engine Optimization).

Cloud and Syncro

To use data on different devices is becoming a need in our mobile world. "My-data-in-the-cloud"-offers also make this easy. Synchronizing the data remains a challenge. And what about data security?

Format obsolescence

Common file formats can no longer be readable after a short time (less than five years). We'll show you what precautions are necessary to keep your data usable for a long time.

Long-term digital storage

In contrast to paper files, which can be preserved almost indefinitely in good climatic conditions, the lifespan of data carriers is very short. We will inform you about the requirements for a digital long-term archive. We support you in setting up or looking for an external solution. We maintain your digital data for long-term use.


By separating content and form, the same data can be represented in different products. We show you how your data becomes cross-media-capable.


The latest website standards such as HTML5 and CSS3 enable simple device-independent website development and improve the semantic description of the content (semantic web, linked data). We tell you what to look for when developing a website.

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