would be nice, if you work with us

!!! please take caution !!! #

before sending us documents with privacy-data, get in contact with us. we will send an email-address you can use for that.

consider to send it to us encrypted. our pub-key can be found under

we will handle the privacy-data according to privacy-laws (switzerland).

17.12.2021 translator english-hindi+marwari hourly based #

we,, are looking for an english - hindi translator person in sadri, pali district, rajasthan, india.

if yu also speak marwari would be greather.
the working hours, a few hours per week, are agreed in advance.
the salery will be therefore hourly based.
BUT we do not like this kind of employment relationship. it is not fair for employee.
we therefore like to find an agrement with yu for a base salery, something like 5h / week yu will get fix.
if done less, the rest hours will go in future as our credit.
if done more, we will pay you the agreed hourly money.
would be nice to meet you

please apply with the normal documents (application letter, cv, ...) at ASAP.

see you soon, christoph müller, CEO

Feel free to contact us.

We look forward to you.

cmdt information, switzerland