CMDT: CaMel Dealer T #

analog supported by digital.

cmdt camel #

cmdt camel

we diversified our business to the analog world. we believe in the return of one of the most memorable animals, the camel, as a substitute for burning environmental challenges and even more as a social aid (slow down).

cmdt camel sell and buy #

cmdt camel sell and buy

we sell best draft camels. we maybe also buy yur young camels.
get in contact with us for an offer.

cmdt camel recovery service #

cmdt camel recovery service

we offer a camel recovery service, in case of a break down.
we try to offer this service in the hole country.

CMdT CaMel Digital Token ICO #

cmdt camel digital token

we prepare an ICO for the CMdT. stay tuned...

cmdt camel smart contracts #

cmdt camel smart contracts

we trust in the big advantages of smart contracts and try build up our camel dealing business in blockchain based smart contracts.

cmdt camel logistic #

cmdt camel logistic

let's see, who's trample longer on the silk road...




cmdt india
sadri, 306702


we comming soon...


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about us

we are a swiss company, originally active in supporting organizations helping them handling the digital challanges. we still do this, but we also like to work analog. having been based in central asia / india for a number of years, we can support you not only with digital knowledge but also with camels.


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