open does not mean gratis, but above all freedom! a small selection:

Open Anniversary 2021 congratulation and thanks to everybody made it possible!

Open standards, open source products

We consistently rely on open standards and open source products. In the complex digital world, this is the best guarantee for sustainable and independent solutions.


open minded

Open Source

Free Software Foundation

Open Source Initiative (OSI)

Teilstrategie Open Source Software (OSS) Bund 2005

Blog Digitale Nachhaltigkeit. Begleitblog zur Parlamentarischen Gruppe.

Das Schweizer Portal mit aktuellen Open Source News, Whitepapers und Best Practices, Events und Schulungen, Stellenangebote für Open Source Profis, Videos und vielem mehr.

European Commission Joinup

Open Standards

eCH E-Government Standards

Open Standards Requirement for Software

Open Access

Budapest Open Access Initiative

Der freie Zugang zu wissenschaftlicher Information

Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)

SPARC Europe is an alliance of European academic and research libraries, national libraries, library organisations and research institutions.

Open Data / Open Government Data

Digitale Allmend Schweiz



Statistischer Atlas der Schweiz

Offene Daten Österreich – lesbar für Mensch und Maschine

Offene Behördendaten der Schweiz


OpenSSL: The Open Source toolkit for SSL/TLS

Open Search

Open Search means above all an open source code of the search engine in order to understand the ranking methods. And then a lot of descriptive metadata.

Open Money


GNU Taler

Bitcoin P2P Digital Currency

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